Connecting your Gordon's battery harness to your battery 

Your motorcycle's electrical system directly powers your heated clothing. Your Gordon's battery harness connects your Gordon's clothing to your battery. To use your clothing you must first attach your battery harness to your 12-volt battery (unless you use a BMW plug instead).

  1. Access your motorcycle's 12-volt battery.
  2. You must disconnect the negative bolt and cable first. When you install the battery harness you must connect the positive bolt and cable first.
  3. Negative Terminal
    1. Remove the bolt that holds the negative battery terminal in place. The negative terminal is marked on the battery post with a -.
    2. Identify the negative wire of your battery harness. The negative wire does not have the fuse in-line.
  4. Positive Terminal
    1. Remove the bolt that holds the positive battery cable in place. The positive terminal is marked on the battery post with a +.
    2. Identify the positive wire of your battery harness. The positive wire has the fuse in-line.
  5. Replace the positive bolt and cable first. At the end of your battery harness is an o-ring connector. Place the bolt through the o-ring connector and tighten.
  6. Next reconnect the negative bolt and cable. At the end of your battery harness is an o-ring connector. Place the bolt through the o-ring connector and tighten.
  7. Route the battery harness to the left side of the motorcycle. Make sure the wires will not rub or be pinched between the frame and the seat.
  8. Let the battery harness plug hang a couple of inches out from under the seat on the left side.
  9. Zip-tie or use electrical tape to safely attach the wire to the frame or other points on the motorcycle to prevent the wire from moving.
  10. Double check that your battery terminal bolts and cabling are correct and tight.

Always use a Gordon's battery harness or modified BMW plug to power your clothing. This insures full power to the clothing and a solid, trouble free connection. Also, do not adapt or modify Gordon's plugs.

Connecting your heat-controller (or on/off switch) to the battery harness

Gordon's heated clothing is designed for serious warmth, warm enough to keep you comfortable in below freezing temperatures. When riding in less than extreme conditions, there must be some way to control the heat and reduce your power draw at the same time. When using our heated clothing, you can use a simple on/off switch. However, we strongly recommend a Gordon's heat-controller so you can set your comfort level and relax.

  1. The heat-controller or on/off switch is plugged into the garment on one side and plugged into the battery harness (or modified Accessory plug) on the other side.
  2. Use only Gordon's heat-controller for a solid connection and proper operation.
  3. Do not attach the heat-controller to a different power source other than your bike's electrical system. Otherwise your heat-controller may malfunction and void the warranty.
  4. Attach your heat-controller to your belt with our included, free clip-on case.

Connecting your heated clothing to the heat controller

Wear your jacket liner and gloves with only a single connection to your battery.

  1. The long wire coming out of the jacket is the power cord, which connects to your heat controller.
  2. The shorter wire coming out of the jacket connects to any heated pants you might wearing, though Gordon's does not sell pants at this time.
  3. The gloves connect to the plugs at the end of the jacket sleeves (or to a connecting harness when ordered alone).

Electrical Draw

Having your heated clothing run at optimal levels depends in part on the health of your electrical system.

  1. If you have a problem, first check all connections for tightness and wires for proper routing and insulation integrity. Also check the fuse.
  2. Some motorcycles' charging systems do not put out full power when the rpm's drop, such as when in town or idling. You may wish to turn down the heat when you come into town.
  3. Other accessories use electrical power. Add up your power needs and subtract them from your alternators peak power output (available from your dealer). For example, if the bike puts out 280 watts, and 130 watts are needed to run the bike, then 150 watts remain. There is plenty of power for a Gordon's jacket or jacket liner at 90 watts and gloves at 20 watts.

Wearing your Gordon's heated clothing

How you wear your heated clothing with other clothes can either enhance or detract from your overall comfort. Follow the tips below to obtain the most warming heat.

  1. Your jacket liner works best when worn under windproof clothing. Wind takes the heat away.
  2. Wear only one layer under Gordon's clothing. A long-sleeved turtleneck under a coat or liner is ideal.
  3. If its real cold outside, wearing rain gear enhances the warming effect by sealing out more wind.

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